shipping (April onwards)

edited (Sunday May 10th)

I realise that this post is going up on April Fools Day, but…

Due to local public safety guidelines, I will only be making one trip to the Post Office per week (fewer if possible).

What does that mean for orders?

Currently (May), lead time is 1 – 2 weeks. If preorder slots open on Friday (which of course they always do!) then we’re usually starting the first batch that weekend. It really depends on what else is going on of course. If lead time gets beyond 2 weeks, we’ll stop listing them until we can catch up again.

When will orders ship?

Our Post Office day will most likely be Friday or Monday. We’ll be creating labels the night before. So if you’ve ordered, look out for a shipping notification some time between Thursday and Sunday (depending on your time zone).

How long will it be like this?

Your guess is as good as ours!

if you have any questions shoot us a message.

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