Terms and Conditions


*** Please note that during the pandemic, we’ll only be shipping once a week to cut down on trips to the post office, if you’d like to know when our next jaunt to drop off shipments is planned shoot us a quick message. If you’re an international customer and your national Post Office is under heavy strain and possibly even closed until further notice, we can hold onto your purchase and ship it at a later date, just let us know. We’ll put it to one side for you. ***

All of our orders are shipped via USPS Priority Mail. If for whatever reason you need us to use a different courier please contact us before you order. We’ll do our best to fulfil your wishes, though other delivery options may be significantly more expensive.

For international orders

Unfortunately due to USPS’s flat rate international pricing it isn’t cheaper to ship two items together, it’s actually more expensive. If you are an international customer and want to buy more than two pedals please contact us first, so we can work something out. If you buy two pedals from us they’ll be shipped individually.

Once the package has entered your country it may be that we cannot trace it after it has been handed over to the local post office. In these cases we can try to contact USPS for help, but ultimately it is the responsibility of the local post office to complete the delivery. You may have to chase up the item with them. If further action is needed please contact us.

International customers may have to pay local customs fees on imported goods. This is the buyers responsibility. If you are unsure about customs fees, please contact whichever local authority deals with that kind of thing BEFORE you buy.

Problems with your order

If you have any problems with your order, be sure to contact us first. We’ll do everything we can to make things right.

If your product arrives and doesn’t work, let us know as soon as possible. We may ask you to send us photos or video to demonstrate the issue. It may be an issue that we can solve remotely. If not we’ll ask you to send it back, and we will fix it free of charge.

If you have a problem with your Champion Leccy pedal or doowhacky at any time, in most cases we are happy to fix the issue free of charge. As stated above please contact us first to explain the situation and issue with the product.

If your Champion Leccy pedal or device isn’t working and it has obviously been abused or seen a lot of action we are still happy to help, but we may ask for a small bench fee. This largely applies to cracked enclosures, borked toggle switches, smashed knobs and dunshed in pots.

Please be aware of which power supply you should be using for your pedals, be aware of current draw, chained power supplies and invest a wee bit of time tin your set up, make sure it works and make sure it’s safe. All Champion Leccy pedals and devices to date use a standard centre negative 2.1mm BOSS style +9V DC supply. Using the wrong power supply is dangerous, don’t do it. It could fry your pedal or your power supply, and it most certainly will void your warranty.

Before you Buy

If you are interested in one of our products but not 100% sure it’s for you, please contact us before purchase with any questions you have. If it’s not right for you that’s fine, we may be able to help you find what you are after.

Please be aware that all our enclosures, whether acid etched or screen printed, are done by hand by small businesses. By their nature they’re all slightly imperfect and unique, they all have a little character. If this is a concern, contact us before you buy anything, we don’t accept returns based on small imperfections in the enclosure.

If you purchase something from us and suffer buyer’s remorse for whatever reason, please be aware that we will NOT accept it as a return. If you have changed your mind about a preorder, in a few cases we will be able to cancel the order however, there will be a restocking fee of 10% for all cancelled orders. If you wish to cancel a preorder, please contact us directly.

Also feel free to contact us and ask any questions you like before purchase, we’re more than happy to talk things through with you.

If you are unsure about any of our policies or would like to ask about something we haven’t covered here please contact us.


Please bear with us as we set up the online store. If there are any functionality issues with checkout we will remedy them as soon as is possible. We may need to come back and change small details, but as of time of publishing all information above is correct and true.