It’s Octember! What gans on?

Dunshes are back in stock!

I did an episode on the No Gods! No Master Volumes! podcast, you can listen to it here!

We’ve just added Perfect Circuit to our retailers list!

Batch dates!


Friday 13th – Swan Hunters

Friday 27th – Divvy and Fettle Boost Relaunch



Each of these batches will be the last for the year.

Check out this fantastic music project we recently did in the Discord!

Here’s a wee update article if you’re interested in what’s going on and what’s coming up.

I’ve opened up the newsletter mailing list again! The sign up is in the top menu!

If you’re after a Champion Leccy pedal that isn’t in stock, we recommend you sign up for restock notifications direct from the product page of whatever you’re after.