It’s February! What’s going on?

This is the month the first batch of Woozies go on sale. People on our email list will get a heads up. When they’re up we’ll be announcing it on instagram. Once they’re gone you’ll have to wait until next month.

They’ll be coming in different colours, but the first few will be acid etched. Here’s one of the black ones

What else is Champion Leccy up to?

Well! We’ve got a brand new batch of Sausage Fingers (with fancy new artwork!) to follow hot on the heels of the Woozy.

Also check out this great new video from Tuned To Doom featuring the Divvy (yes a new batch is on its way).

Just before January became February we got a bunch of new PCBs in for a load of prototypes. Check our instagram from time to time to see what we’re working on.