It’s January 2022! It’s a new year! What’s going on?

We now have a Discord!

Use the link below to join!

Our Christmas raffle has been drawn!

The winners have been notified!


Thank you to everyone who took part!

Here’s an article with our latest news and updates!

THE #ENDOFDAYSFUZZ CHALLENGE IS GO! Read about it in this post!

Pedal Scopic Sounds made this absolutely amazing piece of art with a Swan Hunter and it’s so damn amazing and exciting.

Emily Harpist did this stunningly beautiful video with her magic harps and a Swan Hunter. It’s beautiful, and stunningly so.

We’ve hit our limit of subscribers for mailchimp, so I’ve had to deactivate the mailing list sign up until we go through and delete a few inactive members.

If you’re after a Champion Leccy pedal, we recommend you sign up for restock notifications direct from the product page of whatever you’re after.

In sad news we’ve discontinued the Fettle Boost, they’re all sold out.

The Canny Fettle Boost will be a limited release spread over a couple of drops.

December Canny Fettle Boost slots sold out! Next batch February/ March 2022.