It’s January! It’s 2019!

What’s going on?

We’re working on a bunch of stuff.

Firstly, the very last touches are going into the Woozy. Here’s a sneak preview of the art!woozy art

If everything goes to plan, we’re looking at a February launch. Join the mailing list to get advance notice of the first batch going on sale.

Other things in the pipeline include some Hand Samwitches, some Divvies and some Sausage Fingers.

What can we expect from Champion Leccy in 2019?

Oh my, have we got some plans for 2019! Oh my yes.

As most of you will be aware, Trump’s China tariffs mean that a lot of components are becoming more expensive. To combat such price hikes we have done a lot of research and shopping around, and have invested a bunch of money in stock. Don’t worry, we aren’t buying cheaper components, we’ve just bought in huge quantities to cut costs. Which means that we’ll be able to keep our prices stable, and in the case of a couple of things we’ll even be able to pass some savings on to our customers!

Other exciting stuff, we’ve been meaning to get a colouring book together for a while. It’s still not done, but it will be appearing in 2019.

As far as pedals, we’ve got a tonne of ideas we hope to cram into 2019 (though some may spill into 2020), expect more modulation stuff – a tremolo, some delay and reverb, and we’re going to have a bash at making a pedal version of the Hand Samwitch. There’s going to be a couple of limited runs of gain stage stuff too.

We’ve also got some ideas for deluxe versions of a couple of our regular lines.

So many ideas… so much excitement… so much work.