It's February! What's going on?

The first batch of Skitters sold out in just 10 hours! THANK YOU ALL VERY VERY MUCH!

More Skitters coming late February!

We’ve set up a mailing list to let the keen skitterers know when the next batch will go up. sign up here.

In the meantime check out these amazing demos! (more coming too)

Anne Sulikowski
Collector Emitter
Demos in the Dark
Pedal Friends
check out this amazing wee demo from Spiralcaster

What is the Skitter?

It’s a tremolo/ reverb.

It has the same powerful LFO (courtesy of Electric Druid) as the Woozy with all its fun waveforms and tap tempo.

The dry (unaffected) channel has a switch to turn the tremolo on or off and a volume knob.

The reverb also has a switch to turn tremolo on or off and a volume knob. It also has a three way low pass filtering switch so you can have a bright, medium or dark reverb.

The tremolo switches allow you to have any combination of tremolo for your two signal paths. So you can have tremolo on your dry signal, but not on your reverb or vice versa. You can have tremolo on both or neither.

But that’s not all! The kilter switch dictates whether the tremolo on the reverb is in sync with your dry signal (meaning they both get loud or quiet at the same time) OR whether it mirrors the tremolo of your dry signal (meaning that as your dry signal gets quieter your reverb gets louder and vice versa), giving you a sound that swings between the dry and reverb signals!

Woozy preorder slots now open!

Here is an awesome Woozy vid from Pedals and Chill to get you in the mood!

We have a Colouring Book!

And it’s totally free of charge! Here’s what we’ve got so far, hit the link above to download them, then just get colouring!