It’s Octember! What’s going on?

Thank you to everyone who bought a Woozy this month, we sold out in just a couple of hours!

We love you! You’re marvellous people!

There will be more Woozies in our store next month!

Thanks to Search Find Search for this Woozy Video!

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We now have a Colouring Book!

And it’s totally free of charge! Here’s what we’ve got so far, hit the link above to download them, then just get colouring!

What’s this Fettle Boost I keep hearing about?

a sneak peak at the new acid etched Fettle Boost enclosures

Next month will see the first new batch of Fettle Boosts in almost 2 years.

For those who don’t know, it’s a JFET gain stage that goes from clean and very tasteful through to extremely loud and distorted all whilst retaining its clarity and articulation. It also does a fantastic job of being a treble boost. It’s an always on pedal for many users.

Gina Gleason from Baroness has been rocking one for a while and it recently made a special appearance on her pedalboard in the Baroness rig rundown on Premier Guitar.

Fettle Boooooooost!!!!!!

More on this next month along with some fancy wee demo vids of the Fettle Boost in action.