It’s Seppytember! What’s going on?

The new batch of Divvies are in our online store now!

Here’s a sample of the Divvy in action from Collector//Emitter

We are now selling primarily through our new online store (and our lovely retailers of course!) Expect to see fancier product pictures and more stock coming to our online store soon. If you’re an international person from far away land and you don’t see your country listed in the shipping options, please contact us, we’re still setting up shipping destinations and pricing.

What’s this Fettle Boost I keep hearing about?

erm, yes. More will be revealed later. But for the time being check its special appearance on Gina Gleason’s pedalboard in the Baroness rig rundown on Premier Guitar.

Fettle Boooooooost!!!!!!

What else ya got there Woolly?

We’re getting in tees! Next Level tees, in black! Screenprinted locally by Ace Face Print.

Here’s the sweet new design!

We’re taking orders now. So if you want one let us know by booking one with the order sheet below. If you don’t you’ll miss out, cos we’re only doing a limited run. In a couple of weeks, once we have the tees back, we’ll invoice you. Once the invoice is paid the tee will ship immediately.

Pricing is as follows

Domestic orders (USA) – $25 shipped

Canada – $33 shipped

UK – $38 shipped

If you want a shirt and your country isn’t listed just contact us and we’ll work out shipping for you. There’s no obligation to buy one.