It’s May! What gans on?

The Woozy has sold out!

More coming later in the year!


I’m back in the UK until May 23rd.

Communication may be a bit slow during that time. Your patience is greatly appreciated!

Other release dates are as follows!

The Skitter – June

The Swan Hunter – late June / early July

We now have a Discord!

Click here to join!

We’re working on a few things at the minute! Here’s an update!

Also here’s another article for those who are interested.

If you haven’t seen it, please, check out this new Swan Hunter demo from Ambient Trash!

Also check out this awesome wee Swan Hunter/ Woozy vid from Alfonso Corace!

2022 is the year of the #ENDOFDAYSFUZZ challenge ! You can read about it in this post!

We’ve hit our limit of subscribers for mailchimp, so I’ve had to deactivate the mailing list sign up until we go through and delete a few inactive members.

If you’re after a Champion Leccy pedal, we recommend you sign up for restock notifications direct from the product page of whatever you’re after.