It’s March! What’s going on?

The Woozies are on sale now! The first small batch went on sale and sold out in 25 minutes. The second small batch went in under 4 hours.

Woozy preorder slots close 22nd March. We’ll fulfil those orders and then start working on the next batches in April. There will be some fantastic new demo vids coming then too! Contact us if you have any questions.

We’ve added a page for the Woozy to the website. There’s a downloadable manual already up there, and a bunch of cool vids will be following shortly. In the mean time here’s a fancy wee minute of Wooziness from Mattoverse!

What else is Champion Leccy up to?

Champion Leccy will be taking a short break as we move to new permanent headquarters in South Philly. But we’ll be back soon and betterer than Everest.

Oh, we did just add a downloadable manual for the Sausage Fingers too!