It’s August! What’s going on?

good news everyone…

The Swan Hunter is coming!

On Friday the 13th at noon (EST)!

Here’s a wee article I’ve written about it!

Also here’s the block diagram of what’s going on inside the Swan Hunter.

Demos coming very soon!

We’ll be emailing everyone on the general mailing list on the 13th to let them know the listings are up.

Sign up for the general mailing list here.

The general mailing list is only for new products, events, limited runs, charity things and all that stuff. It’s usually only used once or twice a year. We don’t like spam.

Wait times

We’ll be updating the table below until everything has shipped, so if you’re waiting on something please come back and check.

You’re also more than welcome to contact us at any time if you want to check on your order.

PedalPreorder batchestimated shipping date
WoozyJune (4th)shipped
Skitter June (11th)shipping this week!
Fettle BoostJune (18th)shipping this week!
KilterJuly (2nd)shipping in the next two weeks

I’m sure you’re aware of the persistent supply chain issues and shipping delays. We’re doing everything we can to secure as much stock as we can, so we don’t have to interrupt operations or raise our prices in the medium term. We’re almost there. It’s been super hectic and stressful and we greatly appreciate your patience!

We have something else up our sleeves coming at the end of August/ September. More about that after the Swan Hunter release…


We’ll be merging the Skitter and Woozy mailing list soon. The new merged list will just be a monthly restocking notifications for ALL PEDALS!

The next preorder slots will be in September

If you’re after a specific finish of any pedal, you can also sign up for individual restocking notifications on the product’s store page.

As always we have a FREE Colouring book!