Wahey! It’s November! What’s going on?

Well, October was filled with a load of contract work, so it was a bit quiet. Fingers crossed, I’ll have a prototype woozy by the end of the month.

Speaking of fingers, I just received a batch of Sausage Fingers enclosures back from Worthey’s Acid Etching. Check this out!


And if you’ve forgotten how the sausage Fingers sounds, here’s a reminder.

Did you release those Bloody Getts?

Yes I did! As of Halloween night there’s a small batch in our Reverb store. Here’s some brand spanking new videos of it in action!

Anything else that’s interesting?

Most of our tees have gone, but we still have a handful left. They’re $20 shipped (US), $35 (international). If you’re interested contact us.