It’s Augustus! What’s going on?

A couple of things for August. Starting this month, I’m going to be better about keeping stock. In fact I’ve just set up the new store online right here on this very website. Wahey! Expect to see some Woozies, Sausage Fingers, and whatever else I find lying about. In the meantime please excuse the sloppiness.

Are you a Guitar Knob?

Cos if you’re not, maybe you should be. The Guitar Knobs Podcast interviewed me for a second time recently, I do believe it’ll be appearing at the end of this month. I’ll post a direct link when it goes live. If you’re not aware of their stuff, check them out, always informative and cheeky, it’s a great listen.

New stuff?

Mmhmm. I’m working on a production batch of the fettle boost, and its newer bigger brother the canny fettle boost. If you haven’t heard of it, that’s totally understandable. I only built a handful, then focussed on weirder designs, but the few people who bought them keep telling me how good they are, so I’ve been back to the drawing board added some bells and whistles and I will have fettle boosts and canny fettle boosts (expanded versions) kicking about shortly.

For those who are curious it’s a really simple and super tasteful two transistor boost/ overdrive / fuzzstortion. The expanded ‘canny’ version has the two boosts as independent gain stages.

Also, September will see the rise of the Divvies, but that’s next month not this month. shhhhhhhh.

Got any new videos?

Yes! Check out this cool video PSQRCL did of the Woozy!

The Woozy by PSQRCL

What else ya got there Woolly?

Well, I’m hoping to have designs for a second lot of tees ready this month. Check in on the old instagram to see what progress I’m making.