It’s December! What’s going on?

THE #ENDOFDAYSFUZZ CHALLENGE IS GO! Read about it in this post!

We will be giving away a pedal at the end of the month. More details on how to enter the draw sooooooon!

We have a newsletter that will be going out a few times a year to announce new things, events, special deals, competitions and the like. You can sign up here.

We’ve sorted out a mailing list to notify yous of restocks and preorder slots. You can sign up here.

A quick and important thing!

Our mate Al from the Cultured Guitarist podcast had some real misfortune this last year and was made homeless. Lauren Audio have arranged a pedal raffle to help out. Every $5 donation buys you a raffle ticket.

A bunch of builders (including ourselves) have added prizes. Check out Lauren Audio for more details.

In sad news we’ve discontinued the Fettle Boost, they’re all sold out.

We’re still trying to get through a bunch of orders before putting more stuff up, but we are hoping to have a few Canny Fettles available this month.