It’s June! What’s going on?

UPDATE! A parts order we’ve been waiting for for a few months is close to arriving on the continent, unfortunately it looks like there’s going to be a small gap of a couple of weeks were we won’t be able to fulfil orders to the scheduled plan. I’m very sorry for the delay and greatly appreciate your patience. I’ll be doing everything I can to minimise delays, I just want you to be aware of the situation.

more updates coming soon! (cough, cough, new pedal.)

We need to catch up with orders for our retailers so we’re only doing preorder slots for the Kilter next month. Check in with our retailers in July though, they should be getting more stock soon!

Upcoming Preorder Slots

Friday 4th June – Woozy V2! – SOLD OUT

Friday 11th June – Skitter V2! – SOLD OUT

Friday 18 June – The Fettle Boost

Friday July 2nd – The Kilter

Check out this canny wee Woozy video featuring music from Jared Scharff (Pearl Lion) and animation from Bitcrushed Tiger.

Anyway, here’s what we can tell you…

The Woozy and The Skitter

From here on out both will be the V2. We squeezed out the last few percent that we could from the circuits when we updated the PCBs. we’re very happy with them.

The Canny Fettle Boost

Unfortunately there was a problem with the enclosures so they’re being redone. We’ll keep you updated, when we have more to say!

If you really want one contact us so we can let you know when they’re ready

The Fettle Boost

As the Fettle Boost is a much quicker build than our others, we’re going to drop the batch model and just list every available enclosure and leave the listings up until they’re all gone.

The Swan Hunter

Well, we’re experiencing a few supply chain delays with getting everything we need for the first batch. We’re hoping to have the first few built and sent out to demo people by the end of June. Which means release will probably be August (probably).


We’ll be putting up some Swan Hunter tees for preorder closer to the release date. YEAH!

Wait times

I really appreciate everyone’s patience and support. Things have been a little shaky recently. They’re definitely getting better and things are looking positive for the future, but wait times are long. We’re doing our best to plan, but somethings just don’t go to plan. Anyway, here’s how things look at the minute.

UPDATE! There’s been further delays to some components, so I’m shifting the shipping date back a week or two.

PedalPreorder batchPlanned shipping date UPDATES
SkitterApril (28th)SHIPPED!
SkitterMay (7th)Third week of June (by Friday)Shipping soon
KilterMay (21st)First week of July (by Friday)expect delay of up to 2 weeks
WoozyJune (4th)Third week of July (by Friday)expect delay of up to 2 weeks
Skitter June (11th)Fourth week of July (by Friday)expect delay of a week

Please bear in mind we’ll be doing our very best to stick to this schedule and eventually get lead times way down, but we can’t guarantee anything.

This is purely to give you a rough time frame. You’re more than welcome to contact us at any time if you want to check on your order.

Here’s some cool videos you may not have seen!

Check out this fantastic video from Vincenzo Canoro featuring the Kilter

Check out this fan-dabby-dozey new Skitter vid from Russo Music!


If you’d like an email when the next preorder slots are live…

join the Woozy mailing list here. Or…

join the Skitter mailing list here. Or join both!

It looks like we may have to re-think our mailing list situation for the time being the Woozy and Skitter mailing lists will function as normal.

As always we have a FREE Colouring book!