Holy Shmooop It’s Octember already! What’s going on?

Lots of behind the scenes stuff this month! I ‘m working on some builds and PCBs for other companies (if you’re interested in my services give me a shout). I’m also working on several Champion Leccy prototypes for the coming months, so there’s been a lot of breadboarding and PCB design for our stuff too.

The most exciting of which is probably the woozy, a drunk modulation. I laid down the plans for this a couple of years ago, and never got round to it, but now is most definitely the time, so here’s a wee sneak preview. It does a lot, so expect a lot more samples and weirdness.

Yes, that’s very weird and scary, but I’m all about fuzz. Where’s the fuzz?

Good on you, and the answer is here it is. Thanks to Jason, the mighty Fuzzlord for including our Gett in amongst some of his awesome fuzzes in this cool little fuzz comparison. So many good sounds in this video.

Any Champion Leccy releases this month?

Why yes! and thanks for asking!

We’ll be releasing a small run of Bloody Getts at some point in October, depending on the workflow. As usual mailing list people get first dibs.

What else is happening this month?

We did a first small run of Champion Leccy tees last month for our Instagram followers. They’ve all been sent out, but we did get a few extra made, just in case. If you’re interested contact usIMG_3138