It’s March! What’s going on?

The Woozies are on sale now! The first small batch went on sale and sold out in 25 minutes. The second small batch went in under 4 hours.

I’ve opened up a listing for a limited number of Woozy preorders. Lead time will be 6 – 8 weeks, but we’re hoping to have them out sooner than that.

We’ve added a page for the Woozy to the website. There’s a downloadable manual already up there, and a bunch of cool vids will be following shortly. In the mean time here’s a fancy wee minute of Wooziness from our friends

What else is Champion Leccy up to?

Champion Leccy will be taking a short break as we move to new permanent headquarters in South Philly. But we’ll be back soon and betterer than Everest.

Oh, we did just add a downloadable manual for the Sausage Fingers too!