It’s May! What’s going on?

Here’s an article I wrote about what’s going on.

in short…

Canny Fettle Boosts!

Unfortunately there has been a problem with the new enclosures so they’ll have to be redone, we’ll let you know when they are available. If you really want one contact us so we can put you on the list.

May Preorder Slots?

just the one

Friday 21st May – Kilters

Check out this fantastic video from Vincenzo Canoro featuring the Kilter

June Preorder Slots

Friday 4th June – Woozy V2!

Friday 11th June – Skitter V2!

Check out this fan-dabby-dozey new Skitter vid from Russo Music!

We’re planning to use May to catch up on builds, shorten lead times and get started on some of the fun stuff that we’ve been putting off for a while. We’re expecting to be a lot more caught up by the first week of June. We’ll be announcing more releases in the coming weeks.

We only have a couple of Fettle Boost preorder slots left!


If you’d like an email when the next preorder slots are live…

join the Woozy mailing list here. Or…

join the Skitter mailing list here. Or join both!

It looks like we may have to re-think our mailing list situation for the time being the Woozy and Skitter mailing lists will function as normal.

As always we have a FREE Colouring book!