It’s August! What’s going on?

Plenty. Plenty is going on, and plenty has been going on. Here’s some of it! Firstly, check out Pedal Friends on Youtube. Here’s a video they kindly did of the Sausage Fingers in action.

Wonderful stuff, but what else ya got Champion Leccy?


Fear the Riff

If you missed us in Philly, come see us on August 11th at Fear the Riff in Brooklyn! Come try a bunch of our gear (as well as loads of class stuff from other builders). There’s going to be loads of cool stuff to see and do and eat and drink. Last year was great, this year is going to be even better! We’ll be doing a cash discount too!


The Damnation cat is out of the bag!

We had the honour of applying our soldering chops to these fantastic fuzzes from Damnation. They’re absolute killer AND they were designed with Brad fry from Pissed Jeans! Go check them out! Preorders are up now!

What’s coming this month?

If everything goes to plan I’ll be doing a small first release of the hand samwitch this month. If you want a chance to preorder one, sign up for the mailing list! That’s where you’ll get first dibs. We’ll be posting some pictures soon on our instagram too, so keep an eye out.

If you don’t get the mailing list pop up on your device, contact us and we’ll add you manually.

Oh, and there’s more, but you’ll have to wait.