Champion Leccy is a very small DIY analogue effects and contraptions making operation.  So small in fact that it’s just one person, Woolly (me).

It is always my aim to make good quality, unique, versatile and fun pedals and devices. I take pride in my work. Everything is designed and hand built in Philadelphia. I’m always working on new ideas, and there’s a lot more to come from the Champion Leccy breadboards. 

I love what I do. I hope you like it too. I realise Champion Leccy isn’t for everyone, but we really value the support of our vendors and customers who get what we’re about. Thank you for checking us out!

Just in case you’re curious, Leccy is pronounced ‘lecky’, and it’s short for ‘electric’. Some of the pedal names and controls are also in my local dialect.

Here’s a couple of podcasts if you want to dive in a little deeper into the world of Champion Leccy!

About Woolly

I’m from Newcastle in the North East of England, but I’ve settled in Philly, via China. I play guitar and drums when I can. Here’s some of my musical projects if you’re interested

that defensive arm (UK)

Mammals (Beijing)

Fake Weed (Beijing)

The Social Boar (on going)

If you like my artwork check out The Social Boar/ Team Porridge instagram

I’d love to hear from if you have any questions or suggestions.