It is our aim to provide a unique, quality products to our customers. Our products are carefully handcrafted by one person, and sold to another. It’s proper DIY. There’s an intimacy about it that we like. We hope you like it too. What we do isn’t for everyone, but we really value the people who get what we’re about .

We hand paint each pedal with one-off artwork, or a variation of an existing design or character. No two pedals are the same. We are a small DIY operation, and we want our pedals to look nice, but you will notice that these pedals have character, they’re not mass-production level perfect in their appearance. That’s the nature of the beast.

We’re not gear snobs, and we don’t consider what we do ’boutique’. We don’t overprice our pedals, and we don’t believe in rehashing another tubescreamer variant. We do love fuzz though so you will see those from time to time. We are always working on new ideas, and there’s a lot more to come from our breadboards. a lot of what we do involves being noisy and chaotic, because that’s a lot of fun.

When pricing the pedals we don’t add in additional costs for product development, or any of the other background stuff. The price is solely based on components cost and man hours put into that pedal.

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We occasionally have limited runs on modified popular classics We do like to experiment with our artwork and finishing processes, and sometimes those experiments don’t turn out like we hope, from time to time, you’ll see those pedals in store with huge reductions. You might also be luck enough to find a couple of prototype pedals in the store too.

We don’t do mailing lists, cos it can be pretty annoying getting emails about stuff you don’t necessarily want or can’t afford. So if you’re interested in what we do find us on instagram or facebook.

For fellow DIYers we have some articles about pedal making, as well as some on our product development.

If you have any queries or would like a custom pedal built please feel free to contact us at any time.