Champion Leccy is just one beardy British lad, who currently lives in New York (everyone’s got to live somewhere), and that lad is me. I’ve been tampering with guitar pedals and oscillators for a couple of years now. I can’t think of anything more fun. I pretty much spend all of my spare time on some aspect of effects. I do everything myself (design, breadboarding, drilling, painting, clear coating, soldering, de-soldering, research, ice cream breaks, frustration and testing). I want to be able to provide something unique and just that bit special for people who appreciate that kind of thing.

Here you’ll find some pedals up for sale. They are totally hand made and painted in house, each pedal is a one off hand painted work of art. As well as my own designs, I have a limited run of modded clones up for sale. If there’s anything you’re after feel free to contact me.  If you’d like a plain enclosure version or some custom artwork or just the PCB for one of my pedals I’m more than happy to do what I can.

The DIY effects section covers some simple bits of advice for fellow DIY pedal builders and the stories (mistakes and learning curves included) behind the original Champion Leccy pedals. If you’re also into messing around with pedals, and you’ve got a project you want help with, I’ll gladly take a look. If you have any requests for blog posts then let me know too.

Got an analogue pedal that needs fixed? I’ll gladly have a look at it. No charge for having a look inside and I won’t go tampering unless I can see the problem, know how to fix it, and we sort out a price.