May 2020 – Changes and updates

Hello folks,

I hope you’re all doing well.

Just a few updates for yous.

Firstly as you may have seen, we’re not putting up any more Skitter or Woozy preorder slots. Unfortunately the Electric Druid LFOs that we use in both designs have been held up in the chaos that has become of international shipping.

We ordered them in March around the time that lockdowns were starting in the US. They were shipped very quickly but the Portuguese Government were very efficient in putting measures in place to save lives and limit the spread of the coronavirus. Which is great and should be applauded! Unfortunately for us this meant that our shipment sat in Lisbon for 7 weeks. The last we heard, it was in the Channel islands, then it was scanned in ‘non-defined location’. We’re still hopeful that they’ll turn up in the next few weeks.

We don’t feel like taking people’s money for pre-orders when we don’t have all the components on hand to make those pedals is the right way to treat our customers, so we won’t be listing any more Woozies or Skitters until we can deliver the goods.

Rest assured that once we have cleared the current pre-orders in the next week or so, we’ll get chipping away at some Woozies and Skitters so when the LFOs come in we’ll be able to list pedals pretty much ready to ship.

We’re guessing it’ll be about a month until we start listing Woozies and Skitters again. But that’s just a guess.

On the bright side, this gives us time to work on some ideas that have been on the back burner for far too long…

If you’re after a Woozy or Skitter, please be patient. We will have plenty more coming. Don’t pay over the odds on reverb for a second hand one.

In other supply related news, we’re making some very minor changes to our line up.

Firstly, we weren’t able to acquire any of the standard knobs for the love and cheers controls on the Woozy, so in future they will be anodised blue. Like this

new blue knobs!

Also, some of you might be aware that last year one of the major parts suppliers (Mammoth) went out of business. All of our bigger enclosures (Woozy, Skitter, Sausage Fingers) were from them, we bought a few hundred, but we’ve pretty much run out of stock, so we’ve moved on to the Hammond 1590BBS.

What does that mean?

It means the enclosures will be 3mm taller. Although the Hammonds are much more expensive, we’re just going to absorb the cost on this one. We’re working with our colleagues at other small pedal building companies to bulk buy so we don’t have to raise prices in the long term.

That’s about it for the time being.

I hope you’re all doing your best to stay safe and stay sane!

All the best,


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