March onwards 2020 – Pandemic Plans

So, for most of us it’s going to be a time of hunkering down and waiting it out. For those of you bored enough to be reading this, I just thought it might be worth giving you an outline for our plans.

First and foremost though, I hope everyone is keeping safe. It might seem like an overreaction but if you don’t have to go to public places then just don’t bother. By all means leave the house and go for a wander if you live somewhere nice and quiet though. Remember the plan is to avoid other people not fresh air.

Everything is grand here, and we’re looking to clear all of our preorders in the next week or so. For those of you waiting for your Woozy or Skitter, don’t worry they are being made, but I am a few days behind with builds, there’s been a few minor things with the pandemic that have taken away from work time.

Once we’ve cleared all outstanding preorders, we’ll be working on building more Divvies, Fettle Boosts, Woozies and Skitters. We’re planning to list things when they are ready to ship in future so there’s no wait time. We understand that many people are concerned about money and aren’t looking to buy gear right now. That’s probably very sensible. But if you are thinking about buying gear just be aware that once you’ve ordered we cannot refund money if you change your mind without a restocking fee. Why? quite simply because PayPal have changed their policy, so they always keep the fees they take from the transaction, so a full refund would have to come out of our pocket, and we can’t afford that.

In light of recent events it seems like a good time to put out the Numpty!

The Numpty is gain pedal with a divvy and a fettle boost type deal inside. I only had 5 enclosures made and they were made a few years ago before I decided to focus more on modulation. So…

There will only be 5 of these Numpties AND all proceeds will go to help people in Philadelphia who are going to struggle over the coming months.

I haven’t decided exactly which charities we’ll be donating to yet, I need to do some more research, but if you have any suggestions, please do contact us.

We’re expecting things to slow down for the next few weeks at least, so we’re going to be spending a bunch of time focussing on a couple of new designs in the meantime.

Also! We’ll try to add to our colouring book images for those of you who are stuck indoors.

Also for those who aren’t aware, I (Woolly) do a bunch of art and music stuff when I get the chance. In fact every single pedal that goes out the door, goes out in a hand painted muslin bag. In the near future I’ll be putting some of my art on tees and other stuff in small runs under the name team porridge.

If you’re interested in seeing some of that kind of stuff, please pop along to the Social Boar instagram

Anyway, be well, be informed and help those you can, even if that just means staying away from people.

All the very best to yous!

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