The Fettle Boost (V2)


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What is the Fettle Boost?

It’s a JFET boost pedal that goes from nice always-on amp-pushing clean preamp style boost through to some pretty loud and dirty gain stuff.

What’s new in the V2?

The V2 includes a slightly better power section and an extra switch! We borrowed the lop ass switch from the ‘Canny’ version. It’s a three-way low pass filter switch to control your top end.

Is this the same as the Canny Fettle Boost?

No. The Fettle Boost was the first original Champion Leccy design from way back. I expanded it for the Canny Fettle Boost a couple of years ago, but there were so many production delays I ended up dropping both versions.

There may or may not be a new Canny Fettle Boost coming in about a year. I can’t promise anything yet, because it depends on how a couple of other things pan out, but the ideas are there.

What’s with the presale?

As this is a re-release of a previously discontinued pedal which people have been asking for for a while, we’re just throwing a bunch up for sale before the ‘proper’ release later this year.

This is presale, NOT a preorder. There won’t be a wait time for them. They will start shipping straight away.

Are there any demos coming?

Yes! We’ll be sending a few Fettle Boosts to our usual favourite demo people. So expect to see them out and about in the next few weeks and months.

Is the Fettle Boost back to stay?

I think so! We originally discontinued it because it was impossible to keep up with demand of the other more wibbly pedals, so we decided to focus on those at the time. We’ve managed to expand a little, so I felt it was time to bring back the Divvy (and the Fettle Boost). As long as we can keep up with everything else, there’s no reason why we won’t have these available too.

Will there be any etched ones?

We don’t have any plans to do an etched run, but it’s always a possibility.

For those of you who’d like a reminder, here’s a demo video of the V1 from Working Class Music

And here’s one from PSQRCL

And here’s one from Noise Generator

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