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The Woozy is a lo-fi modulation pedal that covers a lot of ground. It goes from pleasant and unassuming to noisy and full on. It covers chorus, vibrato, spangly sounds, square wave pitch shifting and haunting reverb/ warped tape delay weirdness.


The black knobs adjust levels:

Love  volume.

Cheer – blends your dry signal with your effected signal. Fully clockwise is all wet and no dry, turn anticlockwise to blend more dry signal back into the mix. 

Dregs – this is a low pass filter switch for when the crackles get too crackly or to just give your signal that darker lo-fi edge.


The white knobs control the LFO:

Sway – This knob controls the depth of the modulation. *

Tide – This knob adjusts the speed of the LFO which will make your modulations slow and elegant or frantic and sci-fi-tastic!

*There’s an internal trimpot for the offset of the LFO. This offset trimpot affects the modulation depth (the sway knob). We’ve set it so that the sway knob allows for maximum modulation depth without getting noisy. You can tweak that offset trim if you like, but we’d recommend you contact us first.

The other white knob with the squiggly lines around it – This is the LFO waveform selector, and it’s the heart of the Woozy’s versatility. The lines may not quite match up exactly to the waveform symbols, but they’re in the right order and they shouldn’t be too far off. From left to right, the waveforms are ramp up, ramp down, square wave, triangle, sine, sweep, random (levels), random (slopes). Please note that if you’ve selected one of the random waveforms, it’ll sound like the LFO isn’t taking the tap tempo/ tide knob too seriously, that’s due to the random nature of the waveform.


The red knobs control the echo:

Hangover – This knob adds delay time.

Backwash – This knob adds repeats to the echo, or shimmer to modulation (if the hangover knob is at zero rotation)

Current draw 60 mA

The Woozy takes a standard BOSS style +9V centre negative power supply.

All Champion Leccy pedals and devices are designed and handbuilt in Philadelphia.

These Woozies are screen printed or acid etched in small batches. Though the items pictured are representative of the actual product, there will be tiny differences, that’s the nature of the beast.

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