End of Days Fuzz (3) – This time next year, I swear.


As I’ve mentioned in the last few updates (including this latest one), we’ve had some health related setbacks over the last half year. All of which has meant that I’ve had to put a bunch of stuff on hold, including the end of days (fuzz challenge).

I am here to officially address this very important issue. Bring about the end of days we must.

Are we still on for the end of days?

Oh my yes, it will just take place next year (2023).

OK, can you remind us what the #endofdaysfuzz challenge is again?

It’s an open challenge to all pedal builders, big and small, to create a gnarly fuzz. A fuzz so gnarly that it brings about the end of days. You can read the original post about it here.

So what is going to happen next year in this fuzz challenge?

All entries from this year (2022), will get thrown in with whoever can join us next year (2023). If the builders who actually managed to get something finished this year want to do a new design or develop their existing one further, then they can.

I will be continuing work on my own entry. It is called ‘the Dunce’.

I’ll continue posting update articles about its development and of course I’ll be posting some updates from other builders who are taking part.

I will also be writing about and releasing a pedal called ‘the Dunsh’ that kinda came from some of the more useable ideas I had for the Dunce. It’s a gated distortion. More about that coming early 2023. Release will hopefully be March 2023.

I feel like the challenge needs to be a bit more structure, so this time I’m asking contestants to send me their fuzzes for a shootout video. The deadline for submission will likely be around November so there’s time to film something and get it out for the end of the year.

The winner will be announced in December 2023.

What is the prize?

Just the joy of knowing you brought about the end of days.

Will there be another #endofdaysfuzz challenge the year after?


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