Late Summer Leccy 2022 (making other plans)

Life is what happens.

The last 5 or 6 weeks have been a bit rough. A back injury shortly followed by a family medical emergency and an ambulance trip to the ER, shortly followed by a bout of covid.

Luckily I can say that everything is looking good, and I’m slowly getting back to Champion Leccy stuff now. Unfortunately the last month and a half have laid waste to all my best laid plans, so I’ve had to reassess everything and change tack.

The bad news is that new stuff won’t be coming as soon as I’d like, but the good news is everything is still on its way. And there’s still exciting stuff on the horizon.

So – as near as possible – here’s the updated plan for the rest of the year in terms of batches and new releases.

Aug & Sept – dealers

For the next month or so I’ll be working on fulfilling orders for ALL of our dealers, including a new EU dealer!

I’m also hoping to fit in a bunch of behind the scenes boring stuff to keep everything else running smoothly.


We’re steadily working through the last of our screen printed stock. The dealer orders that will be going out over the next few weeks will include all of our last screen printed Woozies.

Unfortunately, because of all the recent events I haven’t been able to find time to redo the Woozy art files for the new UV enclosures, so I can’t put a date on the next batch of Woozies. It might even have to be early next year, depending on how things fall. I’m really sorry for the delay, but I promise they will be back as soon as I can get them back in rotation.


I’ve struggled with the idea of merch a lot. I’ve always done tees in small runs with local screen printers, requiring a preorder system that always ends up being clunky. It takes a tonne of time and effort to organise and co-ordinate, and I’d rather spend that time focussing on pedal stuff.

So, I’m thinking of following suit with a bunch of my colleagues and setting up a good quality print on demand service so I can just drop new designs on shirts (or what-have-you) whenever they are ready and they’ll instantly go up on the webstore. It would also mean that I don’t have to fulfil any orders directly, which would be great!

I can’t give and exact date for when this will start, because it depends on how a bunch of other stuff pans out first, but in the meantime feel free to hit me up with ideas about what kind of merch you’d like to see and what designs you want on it!


A small batch of Divvies is still on the list, but whether I’ll be able to cram it into this calendar year is yet to be seen. They might have to wait until next year at this point. They are still 100% on the list though. The world needs more Divvies.

Oct – Kilters!

The next batch of pedals (probably around mid-October) will be the Kilter. I’ll be finishing off all remaining screen printed stock including a few blems for this next batch. It will be a pretty big batch, so hopefully it’ll last a while.

Nov – Skitters

After building all the remaining Kilters, I’ll be finishing off all remaining screen printed Skitter stock. This will also be a huge batch.

Dec – Swan Hunters

December will see a geet big batch of Swan Hunters!

I’m also hoping to have the Dunsh ready for release by the end of the year, but it might have to be an early 2023 jobby, depending on how other things go. Who knows!

Early 2023 and beyond!

I’m hoping to have all my ducks in a row and be back on track by the start of 2023.

I will likely be kicking it off with the Dunce (my end of days fuzz). This will be a limited run of around 50, hopefully in January.

I’ve decided to push the release of the Thrummer back until 2023. It was the next release on the list, but as I’ve lost time and momentum, I’ve decided that it will be better to take my time with it and see what else I can squeeze out of the design rather than rush it for the sake of having something new out sooner.

2023 is shaping up to be quite a new release and limited batch type of year. So as a heads up some of the regular lines might not be popping up as regularly as they would normally. I’m not planning to discontinue anything at this point, and I’ll do my best to keep cranking out the Swan Hunters, but the Woozy, Skitter and Kilter might be limited to one batch each next year, depending on demand.

As always thank you for your patience and support. It means a lot!


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  1. Joey says:

    Hope you’re feeling better! Thanks for the update. Looking forward to getting my hands on a Swan Hunter!

    1. Woolly says:

      Thank you for your kind words and support Joey. It’s much appreciated!

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