Modular Prototype Box

As I mentioned elsewhere, circuits on a breadboard sound different to circuits in enclosures for entirely scientific reasons that are beyond me and not very important at this point. Also, effects sound different when you combine them with other effects in different orders. Stuff is going to sound different through different amps as well. Which is why I designed the patented (it’s not patented) Champion Leccy Modular Prototype Box.

This is it


As you can see the enclosure has six holes in it, they are big enough to accept pots or switches. When I’m happy with some design or other and want to try it out, I put it onto perf. I design the perfboard layout around the pre-drilled holes. Here’s the neat bit. Inside it is a Fuzzdog 3PDT daughterboard hooked up to both ¼” jacks and the DC jack. I put a socket on the daughterboard where you’d normally connect the PCB with wires.


I made several connectors like this (see below), which you attach to the perfed circuit (yellow – in, red – +9V, black – ground, blue – out)


So you now have a perfboard with a connector and a pedal with a socket


Whack the whatsit in the doodar like below.

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Pop your pots through the holes, tighten the nuts, and you’re away. Exciting. now you’re free to try your prototype in different pedal combinations (very useful if it’s going to be part of a two footswitch combination pedal), try it out in the practice room, lend it out to get opinions, whatever you like.


Handy. Feel free to make your own.

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