Summer Leccy 2023

How do! I realised that I haven’t written any update posts at all this year, so I thought it about time to do a wee catch up.

First off, thank you all for your support as always, thank you to everyone who bought a pedal, helped spread the word and of course everyone who was involved with the Dunsh release in May. We wouldn’t be here without you!

Health stuff

You might have seen me mention some pesky health issues getting in the way earlier this year. Everything is fine, but I managed to catch a couple of bugs in the months leading up to the Dunsh launch that cost me a few precious weeks, which in turn led to burnout in late April/ early May trying to scramble to get everything in place for the release and then trying to catch up on orders straight after.

I’ve had a chance to recuperate and am back on with everything, but the whole thing really messed up my plans for the year, so there’s some knock on effects that I’ll go into below.

But before we get into what’s coming, I just wanted to let yous know about a couple of wee things that have gone on this year, and where we are now.

Discord Music Project

If you don’t know already we have a small discord (feel free to join us here), and several weeks ago a bunch of us decided to do a music project together. 18 of us split off into six groups of three. We each started a composition and then passed it on to each member of our group until we had a three songs per group that everyone had taken part in.

We’re just mixing and mastering everything at the minute and getting it ready to publish.

Here it is! I hope you’ll check it out!

And if this sounds like your kind of thing, join us in the discord, we’ll be doing it all again in autumn.

Switching Switches

I pride myself on a very low repair rate. I have a whole bunch of checks baked into the production process to make sure that by the time the pedal is out in the world there’s little chance of it coming back. Of the handful of repairs I got last year I noticed 90% were broken switches.

I think it was most likely that the long bat switches just stuck out too far and were more likely to get knacked by a falling mic stand or stray foot, but I don’t like to take chances with this stuff, so I did some asking about and settled on Salecom short bat switches (as used by many of your favourite pedal builders).

Podcast Chats

In April I had a great chat with my mate Ian (AKA Collector // Emitter). Here it is if you fancy a listen! There’s bonus content on their Patreon too!

Anyway, about those knock on effects…

Bad news first.

Unfortunately I’m just not going to have time to do an End of Days Fuzz like I kept promising over and over. I just have to face facts. If you’ve been working on one and want to send it to me to play with and put on the instagram, I’m more than happy to. I don’t want people’s work to have been in vain, so I’d still like to hold up my end of the deal and bring your creations to the world. I just don’t have time to finish what I was planning on.

Looking back I should have just said that the Dunsh was my End of Days fuzz, because it did technically come out of that project. Yeah maybe I’ll say that I said that. Maybe that’s how we’ll all remember things going forward.

The other major delay is going to be with both the Skitter and Kilter. I was hoping to have them back in rotation late summer/ autumn, but I’ve decided that I need to prioritise the backlog of new stuff, so they’ll just have to wait. But they definitely are coming back.

So aye, it’s not all bad news. The reason I’m having to drop the End of Days Fuzz and shufty the Skitter and Kilter to later in the queue is because I still have a bunch of other new stuff coming up and I just can’t fit it all in.

So, here’s what’s going on…


The Dunsh

We have two blem yellow Dunshes in store now (Unless you’re reading this in the future when they might have sold)! Blems are going to be increasingly rare now we’ve switched to UV printing, so now’s your chance.

I’ve also just added a bunch of sherbet pink (non-blem) ones back to stock too!

The Woozy

There’s just a couple of Woozies left in the store at the minute. The next batch is still a few months away, but it will be a limited colourway.

The Swan Hunter

We’re down to our last few! There will be towards the end of the year, but I have other stuff that needs my attention first (see below), so I don’t have a date for them yet.


The Divvy V3!

The Divvy is returning in just a couple of weeks! Good ol’ V3. It’s the one with two knobs and a voicing switch. There’s already a bunch of demos out from the last batch, but we’ll be sending it to some new folks too!

Here’s a reminder if you’ve forgotten.

Also, yes, it’s the one that the Rocktar Fuzz was based on.

I originally stopped production, because I just couldn’t keep up with everything and the modulation pedals were outselling them by a country mile. Now we are capable of producing more and bigger batches, I’m bringing it back. I know a lot of yous have been asking about it for a while.

There won’t be any etched ones for this batch, they’ll all be the fancy new full colour UV printed chaps.

And they should look something like this.

The Keksplosion returns!


I’m heading home to Tyneside in August for a bit, but when I get back to the States, keep an eye out for an appearance at a pedal show in Chicago, and…

The Fettle Boost V2!

Yeah, I’m bringing this one back too, and for the same reasons as the Divvy (see above). The Fettle Boost was my first original design and it’s one of my favourite pedals. It’s an always on pedal on my board.

To avoid confusion, I’m not talking about the bigger Canny Fettle Boost format. I mean the original one that’s the same size as the Divvy. Art coming soon!

I’ve improved the power section, giving it a touch more headroom and added the lop ass switch that was in the Canny Fettle version, but it’s the same JFET circuit as the original. There’s a couple of DIP switches in there two if you want to shift the lo pass and hi pass switch down slightly in register.


I don’t have dates for anything quite yet but…

The Skitzy

The Skitzy is a modulated Belton Brick reverb with some Skitter and Woozy DNA. The original idea was to design it alongside the Dunsh as a shoegazey pair and to release them together, and whilst that obviously didn’t happen it’s still the goal for them to pair as a geet big swirly mangled wall of fuzzverb.

I’m grafting away on prototype revision 2.2 right now. I originally designed it as a big pedal (Swan Hunter size), but I’ve decided to scale it back and try and squish it into the Woozy/ Skitter size enclosure, which is a challenge in itself.

The Forgetter

The Forgetter is a modulated delay I originally had slated for release this year. That was until that gosh darn helpful chap Andon over at Lantern Manufacturing shared some very tasty information with me that I realised would make the Forgetter really shine. So I’m moving this one to the beginning of 2024. I’d rather get it done right than get it done quickly.

It will most likely be a big (Swan Hunter) sized fella.

The Skitter & Kilter

Skitters and Kilters aren’t going to be back until late autumn/ winter I’m afraid. If you’re hankering for one, please hit up one of our retailers.


I’m hoping to add a couple of new retailers, both domestic and international towards the end of the year. If you know of any great stores near you that dig smaller builders, please hit them up and send them our way.

Again, thank you for your support! Thank you for reading all this! If you have any questions feel free to hit us up here or on insta or in the discord.

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