Summer Leccy 2022


I’ve been back from the UK for a few weeks now, so I just wanted to give yous a wee update as to where all things Leccy currently stand.

I’m still getting caught up on a bunch of stuff, so please bear with me. I know it’s been quiet around here for a while, but I promise new and exciting stuff is on the way.

Firstly, for those wondering when and how pedals will be available for sale in the near future, I’m starting work on a batch of Skitters right now. Also in the works are a huge batch of Swan Hunters and an order for Russo Music which will cover all our current lines. International dealer orders will be coming soon too.

Release dates

I have a batch of Skitters pencilled in for Friday 24th June and Swan Hunters for Friday July 22nd.

Slow progress

Unfortunately I’ve been having a couple of persistent health issues that, whilst luckily not serious, are certainly slowing me down. I’ve been having problems with wrist and shoulder pain that I’m on top of, but may well slow production in the coming weeks. If that is the case, rather than push batch dates back, I may well just end up shipping orders a little later.

This is the year (as I’ve mentioned several times now) that I’m trying to expand operations. I have a plan for the year, that’s largely been going smoothly, but there’s a couple of big hurdles this summer/ autumn. I appreciate everyone’s patience over the coming weeks with communication, updates and shipping.

Champion Leccy is run from a modest South Philly rowhome, and with producing larger batches space has become an issue, which means that this summer the basement needs a total overhaul.

I’m currently in the middle of installing a bunch of extra industrial shelving and shifting stock around trying to find the best balance of surfaces for working, staging, testing and storage.

One of our two priceless contractors has recently moved out of Philly, so we’re working out a new remote system for working, it should work out well in the long run, but we’re expecting a few bumps in the road over the next few weeks whilst we work everything out.

Alright I think that’s all the grumbling out of the way, now the funner stuff.

Future pedal plans

I’m currently chipping away at several new products. The pandemic really shook everything up, including our release schedule. The original plan was to have the Swan Hunter out at the end of 2020, it was meant to be a year bookended by reverbs (the Skitter was released in Feb 2020).

The actual launch was almost a year late! Nothing we had planned for 2021 made it out, so there’s a pretty huge backlog of designs I’m trying to work through.

Of course everything depends on how development goes, but we’re hoping to have at least one pedal out this year, and we’re slating Jan 1st 2023 for our #endofdaysfuzz (see below).

There’s going to hopefully be a couple more releases in 2023. Everything feels so overdue at the minute, it’s all very ‘a day late and a dollar short’, but we are catching up!

I can tell you (and this won’t be news for some of you) that I’m working on …

The Thrummer
This one is going to be somewhere in the tremolo (optical and phase cancellation), ring mod and harmonic tremolo territory. It will be the first pedal to feature expression ins (for both rate and depth). It will also feature a fancier LFO than our current pedals boasting 16 waveforms and a distort control.

nameless expression device
To go alongside this release, I’m also working on an expression device that will feature the same powerful Electric Druid LFO that goes in the Woozy, Skitter and Kilter. It doesn’t have a name at the minute, but it will feature the standard waveform, depth and rate controls as well as offset (we normally hide this control on the inside). It’ll have a tap tempo too! The outputs will selectable (10K or 50K) via internal DIP switches. When I come up with a name I’ll let yous know.

If all goes to plan, we’ll have these out before the end of the year.

I’m also working on…

The Dunsh
This is a gain pedal that will go from clean boost to full on fuzz. It has some Bloody Gett DNA (via the Canny Fettle boost of course) thus the name. It’ll be a combination op amp and transistor drive. We’re already a couple of iterations in on this one, the next stage will be trying out Baxandall style tone controls. It will also have a second footswitch for the dunsh function (just like the Bloody Gett did) with its own volume to control how much of a step up you get.

The Skitzy
Exactly how it sounds, it’s a combination of the Skitter and the Woozy. The Woozy style modulation will be on the reverb this time, we’re hoping for some nice shoegazey vibes with this one. We’re also looking at perhaps some stereo in/ out action as well as expression ins.

and finally…

The Dunce
This is our End of days fuzz. It’ll be three circuits in parallel. Firstly, the Divvy, secondly some glitchy CMOS sub octave, and thirdly the bloat section from the Fat Gett, which was one of our first ever designs. The bloat is a very glitchy octave mess with a bunch of harmonic content.

I’m very behind on this, and if I’m honest I’m just throwing these untested ideas straight on a PCB. Fingers crossed it works first time! I’m hoping to get back on schedule and post more updates and have this out at the start of next year.

Other stuff

Our good friend Spiralcaster has been working on something quite incredibly colossal and exciting, keep your eyes open towards the end of the month (June).

After years of false starts, I’m finally playing in a band again! We had our very first show recently. If dark post surf is your thing, please check us out!

I’m planning to include a FAQ on the website soon, if there’s anything you’re unclear on or think you’d like to see included, hit me up with your suggestions.

Thank you and be well!


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