Three Hands and a Sponge

If you don’t have three arms, there’s a couple of things you can try. Radiation might help you mutate to grow that third arm, but firstly it might not have a hand, secondly you might mutate in a different way which you never planned on, and that might seriously affect your relationships and how society views you. Thirdly there’s very little scientific data out there proving that exposure to radiation does lead to bodily changes and superpowers, and most of the evidence out there is circumstantial at best. You’ll probably just get very ill and die, lose your hair, etc. No, it’s a much better idea to just get one of these things.


or one of these…


or both!


you might well benefit from one of these…


to do this with…


…and do this to a sponge whilst you’re at it.


I use the grotty half to brush all the bits of wires and solder into the bin at the end of a tough day at the desk.

When you need to tin wires the sponge will be very helpful.  If you grip wires in crocodile clips or in the clip this can happen.


And we don’t want that now do we!? doesn’t look nice. Simply put your wires in the sponge, fold it round so both sides are protected, then arrange your wires and pop it in the clip, as seen below

I usually do 4 at a time but if you’ve got a huge sponge and a ginormous clip then the sky’s your limit. Just be aware that more wires means more risk of accidentally touching the soldering iron against the plastic sheath, which stinks and will lose you friends. It will also get you flummoxed and make you feel like a bit of a divvy.

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