The Hand Samwitch – handheld chaotic theremin oscillator

The Hand Samwitch

The hand samwitch is a handheld oscillator. It has two knobs for pitch, one is stepped, the other does its best to glide. It has two switches for fun electronic nonsense. It’s a signal source, so it has no input.

Here’s a vid

Controls are

love – volume

thunder (top switch) – true chaos (tappy fun)

lightning (bottom switch) – controlled chaos (hand waving light fun)

left knob – stepped tones

right knob – gliding pitch

side switch  – kill switch

With volume fully cranked you’ll be at line level. When you engage the thunder switch you can tap and squeeze the Hand Samwitch to get it to do weird things. It is very sensitive, so it doesn’t need much. The thunder mode is truly chaotic, sometimes it’ll spiral up, sometimes it spirals down, sometimes it doesn’t do much, sometimes it does a lot. It’s not easy to control, like we say it’s truly chaotic. The lightning switch engages the two wee eyes on the top of the enclosure. They’re light sensitive and change the pitch depending on how much light they get. If you are in a lit room, just waggle your hand over them. If you’re in a dark place, you’ll need a torch. It makes fun noises, drones, acts like a theremin…  …no it’s not everyones cup of tea, but it may well be yours.

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The Hand Samwitch takes a standard BOSS style 2.1mm centre negative +9V power supply. It doesn’t take batteries. Using the wrong power supply will fry it.

Current draw is up to around 90mA.