The Gett


The Evil Twin

The result of terrible engineering practices and fantastic luck (through perseverance)

The (wee) Fettle Boost (3) – finishing up

The next stage was getting the PCB done in KiCAD. To be honest, I messed it up the first time, so here’s the improved version. Firstly I checked the pinout of the transistors, which was a good job, because they weren’t as they should have been. For some reason KiCAD sometimes gets the footprints wrong,…

The (wee) Fettle Boost (2) – second version (and third)

So, I got to breadboarding with those findings in mind, and found that I had a pretty dirty little boost on my hands. I was happy with that and drew up this schematic on KiCAD. The cap on the source (pin 3 of the JFET) lets AC through, whilst not affecting the DC biasing of…

The (wee) Fettle Boost (1) – first design

A few years ago, when I was first getting into the world of DIY pedals and other fun electronic bits, the idea became planted in my brain, perhaps by the government or aliens (pick one or make up your own), that FETs (field-effect transistors) are like sooperdooper special mojo transistors. I was totally in love…

Side Project 1 – The Skinny Gett

Putting a ‘Gett’ (The Champion Leccy take on a Big Muff) and a Green Ringer in one enclosure, because sometimes we make stuff that we might use.