Custom Tube Screamers

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Custom Tube Screamers (TS808/ TS9) – limited run

The Tube Screamer is a classic boost/ overdrive. There have been a few different versions, some of the more miss than hit, so we stick to the TS808 and TS9.

There’s enough gain on tap to push you past boost into overdrive territory, but not much further. The Tube Screamer really shines in its nice mid boost, which pushes other gain stages and brings out those frequencies you want from a guitar. Originally named because it pushed tube amps nicely giving you better tone, the Tube Screamer is commonly used to help you cut through that bit more, or for solos if you’re into that sort of thing.

There are a lot of famous pedals based on the Tube Screamer, so it’s no wonder many players consider it a bread and butter pedal.

Each pedal here has a switch for two added bass response options and asymmetric clipping.

Every Champion Leccy pedal has custom, never to be repeated, hand-painted artwork, is clear coated, made with quality components and PCBs and of course has true bypass switching.