Custom Big Muffs

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Custom Big Muffs – limited run

The Big Muff is a classic go to fuzz with a long history. If you want to know more about Big Muffs, there’s nowhere better than Kit Rae’s site. Although components vary within each version of the original production Big Muff, these pedals are based on commonly accepted standard values in the DIY community.

Traditionally Big Muffs have very distinctive scooped mids on the tonestack. All Champion Leccy versions use the improved AMZ tonestack with an extra knob to control the mids, giving you more tonal scope, and more control over the sound.

Each of these pedals also has a second clipping option, either germanium (Ge) or LED, alongside the original silicon (Si). There are volume disparities between clipping option, that’s just the nature of the beast, so you’ll need to tweak the volume to compensate.

Each pedal has custom, never to be repeated, hand-painted artwork, is clear coated, made with quality components and PCBs and has true bypass switching, as you might expect.