the Woozy V2




For the V2 Woozy we squeezed out the last few percent we could from the design. It has exactly the same sound we’ve just improved a few things under the hood to give better performance including a quieter PCB, a redesigned cheer knob with a true 100% dry/ wet blend and an extra position on the dregs switch. 

The Woozy is a lo-fi modulation pedal that covers a lot of ground. It goes from pleasant and unassuming to noisy and full on wibbletastic. It covers chorus, vibrato, spangly sounds, square wave pitch shifting laser and haunting reverb/ warped tape delay weirdness.

Current draw 60 mA

The Woozy takes a standard BOSS style +9V centre negative power supply. NOT SUPPLIED!

All Champion Leccy pedals and devices are designed and handbuilt in Philadelphia.

occasionally we have acid etched Woozies. they are done by hand in small batches. Though the items pictured are representative of the actual product, there will be tiny differences, that’s the nature of the beast. Each pedal has its own character.

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