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Unfortunately the new Canny Fettle Boost enclosures are delayed so we won’t have any preorder slots up just yet.

Expected November or December

If you’re after a Canny Fettle Boost shoot us a message, and we’ll get back to you shortly.

The Canny Fettle Boost is a super broad ranging gain pedal that is simple to use, and spans every level of dirt from tasteful clean boost to distort-o-fuzz. This ‘Canny’ version is an expanded take on the original Fettle Boost circuit.

The right hand side (Fettle) is a tastefully voiced JFET drive.

The left hand side (Clart) is a single transistor gain stage that goes from clean boost to full on nasty distortion.

In the original Fettle Boost, the ‘Fettle’ is always on and the ‘Clart’ is accessed by a small toggle.

This expanded version, with its two independent foot switches offers 3 different drive sounds from one pedal (just Fettle/ just Clart/ both).


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