The Gett – Amp-smashing fuzz

The Gett

The gett is a big, open, warm sounding fuzz, great for pushing your amp into massive doom fuzz territory. It maintains your bottom end whilst providing a tonne of grit and gnarl, perfect for lower tunings and bass. The ‘dunsh’ is the Gett’s secret weapon. It fills out a bunch of super fuzz frequencies and adds a load of sustain.

Here’s a quick video of the Gett in action…

Controls are

  • furz – gain
  • love – volume
  • thigh – tone sweep
  • fluff – adds some red LED clipping to the top end *
  • bulge – to change the taper of the tone sweep adding some mids **
  • dunsh – super loud amp-smashing fuzz (three way switch) ***

* Fluff is very subtle (that’s why it’s called fluff), and it largely affects the higher frequencies. If you’re cutting those with the tone sweep, then you won’t hear much.

** Bulge adds more mids to your tone sweep from 12 o’clock to fully clockwise rotation.

*** Dunsh is full on. It’ll fill out a bunch of frequencies and increases sustain. It’s a three position switch. Up is off, middle is ‘a little bit of dunsh’, down is ‘full dunsh’. ‘Full dunsh’ has even more bottom end and longer sustain. Also if you’ve got ‘dunsh’ on the ‘fluff’ will be totally overpowered.

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