The Gett – Amp-smashing fuzz

The Gett

After a load of experimenting with fuzz section of the Fat Gett, we’ve nailed the sound we wanted in a stand alone fuzz. If you like loud doomy, heavy as… fuzzes, then the Gett is for you. It has taken a couple of years of experimenting, but now it’s as gnarly and gritty as we hoped. It’s also surprisingly versatile. Spot on for rhythm and chords that ring out.

Here’s a quick video of the Gett in action… (more vids coming)

Controls are

  • furz – gain
  • love – volume
  • thigh – tone
  • fluff – adds some LED clipping to the top end
  • bulge – to change the taper of the tone sweep
  • dunsh – super loud amp-smashing fuzz (three way switch)

And here is the first batch, on sale now…


plenty more on the way too!

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