The Fettle Boost – JFET boost/ pre amp

New screen printed Fettle Boosts coming October 23rd!

The Fettle Boost is a JFET drive pedal that goes all the way from tasteful clean boost to full on distort-o-fuzz. The high pass switch means you can get nice crisp tones or a full bottom end. It works great by itself as an always on pre amp, or as a second gain stage.


Love volume knob

Clart* boost switch

Use this to set a baseline gain level, and the fettle knob to fine tune.  

  • Left position covers cleaner boost/ drive. 
  • Right position adds more gain and gets you from overdrive into serious distort-o-fuzz.

Fettle** gain knob

Hip ass* bass response switch. This control helps you to find your place in the mix.

  • Left position – full signal
  • Middle position – slight bass roll off
  • Right position – treble boost

** this pot will crackle when you turn it, that’s normal.

Note This pedal has a lot of gain and volume on tap.  If you set them both very high, you may well be pushing your amp too hard which could lead to damage.