The Fettle Boost – SOLD OUT!

the Fettle Boost

The Fettle Boost is a JFET drive pedal that goes all the way from tasteful clean boost to full on distort-o-fuzz. The high pass switch means you can get nice crisp tones or a full bottom end. It works great by itself, or as a second gain stage.

Check it out in this quick video.

Controls are

  • fettle – gain
  • love – volume
  • chart – boost
  • hip ass – a three position high pass filter switch

Please note, when you turn the gain knob (fettle) it will crackle and scratch, that’s the sound of electrons being pushed and pulled as you rebias the JFET. It’s perfectly normal and will stop once you stop turning it.

If you’re using the Fettle Boost with another gain stage, it’s best to put the Fettle Boost after it. You’ll get more character out of this fella that way. Feel free to put it first in the chain if you want to smash another overdrive/ distortion pedal with gain. you’ll get into saturation pretty quickly though.

The Fettle Boost likes all types of pick ups and amps.

There’s a small trimpot on the inside to bias the JFET, feel free to tweak it to get gated or scratch lo-fi sounds.

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