The Evil Twin – SOLD OUT!

The Evil Twin

The Evil Twin is the perfect storm of bad engineering practices and dark magic. It’s capable of a load of JFET overdrive through to distort-o-fuzz, and a whole bunch of weird noises, oscillations, drones, glitchy suboctave, pseudo tremolo and screeching feedback too. It turns your guitar into a whole new instrument. rather than explain, it’ll be easier to just check out this handy video

Controls are

  • gain and boost for the foot switch on the right
  • gain, volume and three mystery switches on the left to bring out the crazy

The key to the evil is in the three vertical switches:

top switch – crazy on or off *

middle switch – adds a wee bit of red LED craziness

bottom switch toggles between:

  1. germanium diode pair craziness
  2. blue LED pair craziness
  3. silicon diode pair craziness

*If you have an early version the top switch is on-off-on

top switch to the left – you can use the second switch but not the third for more craziness

top switch to the right – you can use the second and third switches

Please note, when you turn the gain knob it will crackle and scratch, that’s the sound of electrons being pushed and pulled as you rebias the JFET. It’s perfectly normal and will stop once you stop turning it.

If you’re baffled by the controls, set them like this (from left to right):

vol fully clockwise, gain anticlockwise, top switch to the right, middle and bottom switches can be wherever, boost switch up, gain 12 o’clock.

When you’ve set it like this, try it with both foot switches on, then just the left, then just the right. Next step is to play with switches two and three, then you can tune it with the vol and gain knobs. Have fun!

We’re currently sold out, so check in with one of our retailers or contact us if you’re interested in preordering one.

If you have an Evil twin, or are about to buy one download this evil twin settings PDF to note down your favourite settings!