The Divvy (V2) – SOLD OUT!

The Divvy (V2)

The Divvy is a simple gnarly fuzz for those who like to keep it simple. All V2 Divvies have a three way voicing switch (either internal or external), giving you either octave fuzz or crunchy tones.


knob – gain

switch – voicing*

* External switch 

position 1 – octave fuzz // position 2 – crunch with more bass // position 3 – crunch with tightened bottom end

Internal DIP switch 

1 on, 2 off – octave fuzz // both on – crunch with more bass // 1 off, 2 on – crunch with tightened bottom end

The Divvy plays best with tube amps and hum buckers or big ol’ P90s.

Check out this wee vid of it sounding all fuzzy.



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