The Divvy (V3)

The 2 knob Divvy will be returning in spring 2020!

The Divvy is a simple crunch/ gnarly fuzz for those who like to keep it simple. All V3 Divvies have an external three way voicing switch and a master volume (either internal trim or external pot), giving you more control over where your tone lands between crunchy tones and pseudo octave fuzz.


knob/ knobs – more louderest

Voicing switch 

position 1 – tight crunch// position 2 – crunch with more bass // position 3 – pseudo octave fuzz

So what’s the difference with V1, V2 and V3 Divvies?

The circuit is essentially the same throughout.

The V1 Divvy was a one knob fuzz with internal switches and no volume control (volume set at max)

The V2 Divvy saw the switch move to the outside, but there was still no volume control (volume set at max).

The V3 Divvy is exactly the same circuit with an master volume, either as an internal trimpot or as an external volume pot.

Why the extra volume pot?

Because the Divvy (V1/2) was so loud it’s blown tubes. You have been warned, be careful.

Check out these wee vids of it sounding all gnarly.