the Canny Fettle Boost – broad range boostortion

The Canny Fettle Boost is a super broad ranging gain pedal that is simple to use, and spans every level of dirt from tasteful clean boost to distort-o-fuzz. This ‘Canny’ version is an expanded take on the original Fettle Boost circuit.

The right hand side (Fettle) is a tastefully voiced JFET drive.

The left hand side (Clart) is a single transistor gain stage that goes from clean boost to full on nasty distortion.

In the original Fettle Boost, the ‘Fettle’ is always on and the ‘Clart’ is accessed by a small toggle.

This expanded version, with its two independent foot switches offers 3 different drive sounds from one pedal (just Fettle/ just Clart/ both).

Fettle side 

Fettle* gain knob

Hip ass** bass response switch.

This control helps you to find your place in the mix.

Down – full bottom end

Middle – slight bass cut

Up – treble boost

Lop-ass** – treble cut switch.

This control helps you control the brightness of your signal.

Left – no cut

Middle – slight treble cut

Right – heavy treble cut

Clart side 

Clart volume knob

Hip ass** bass response switch.

Does the same thing as the hip-ass switch next to it (details above) 

Dunsh** – gain boost switch.

Increases gain, sustain and bottom end. Before you flick this switch it might be a good idea to turn the clart knob down. The difference in gain is significant!

Left – no dunsh

Middle – a little dunsh

Right – full dunsh

* this pot will crackle when you turn it, that’s normal.

** there might be a popping sound if you flick these switches when the pedal is on.

If you’d like to read more about the history and development of the Fettle circuit and the difference between the Fettle Boost and the Canny fettle Boost check out this article.

Downloadable manuals

If you’re just planning on reading from the PDF on a screen use this version

If you’re planning on printing it out, use this version so it prints as a booklet in the right order