The Bloody Gett – Amp-crushing fuzz

The Bloody Gett is an expanded version of the Gett. So you’ll get the same big, open, warm sounding fuzz, full of grit and gnarl and powerful bottom end. If you’re looking for  a massive doom fuzz that loves down tuned guitars and bass then look no further. The difference in the Bloody Gett is that it has its own footswitch and volume for ‘dunsh’ to step things up with a bunch of super fuzz frequencies and hods of sustain.

Here’s some videos of the Bloody Gett

Controls are

  • furz – gain
  • love – volume (for the right footswitch)
  • thigh – tone sweep
  • fluff – adds some red LED clipping to the top end *
  • bulge – to change the taper of the tone sweep adding some mids **
  • dunsh – super loud amp-smashing fuzz ***

* Fluff is very subtle (that’s why it’s called fluff), and it largely affects the higher frequencies. If you’re cutting those with the tone sweep, then you won’t hear much. Also if you’ve got ‘dunsh’ on it’ll be totally overpowered.

** Bulge adds more mids to your tone sweep from 12 o’clock to fully clockwise rotation.

*** Dunsh is full on. It’ll fill out a bunch of frequencies and increases sustain. On the Bloody Gett ‘dunsh’ has its own footswitch, volume control (the red knob) so you can balance the step up, and a two way switch for ‘a bit of dunsh’ or ‘mega-dunsh’ for even more sustain and bottom end.