The Fat Gett – Glitchy suboctave fuzz

The Fat Gett

The Fat Gett is a gnarly fuzz with glitchy sub octave on a second foot switch. This is a fun one, but it’s noisy. With the second foot switch on it sounds massive, but it also oscillates if you leave a long gap without playing. For that reason we sell it with an option of a latching or momentary foot switch (if you preorder, let us know your preference).


Controls are

  • furz – gain
  • girth – tone
  • podge – switch to alter the tone sweep
  • bloat – blend between fuzz and glitchy suboctave craziness
  • gut – volume

If you want the fuzz part without the all the glitchy noisy craziness and a couple of extras, check out the Gett.

We’ll be discontinuing the Fat Gett once we’ve sold out. There are currently two left in stock, to grab one before they’re gone click on the banner below to visit our Reverb store

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