Firstly, be aware of what you’re buying. It’s a handmade, hand painted pedal. I use quality components and put a lot of care and attention into each build. But lets face it sometimes things do go wrong, that’s just life. If something has gone wrong, I’ll sort it out for you (as long as you have proof of purchase, and you bought it for full price – if you bought it in a sale you’re fine too, I’ll cover it. If you bought it second hand, or you made an offer on an earlier pedal on Reverb then there will be a small charge).

This warranty covers you for two years from the time of purchase, if it’s beyond two years, still get in contact. I’m happy to repair any of my pedals as long as I’m still about.

This warranty does not apply to the enclosure, artwork or knobs (see below). The conditions are as follows:

  1. The pedal has not been abused. Don’t throw it about. Don’t sit on it. Keep it safe when you transport it, don’t just chuck it in a bag with your other pedals.
  2. The wrong kind of power supply hasn’t been plugged into it. This unit (unless specified) was designed to be run on a standard BOSS style DC centre negative +9V supply. Don’t plug it into 12V or 18V or -9V supplies. It wasn’t designed for AC power supplies either, but then very few pedals are.
  3. No-one has tampered with the guts of the pedal. If anyone has tried to modify it, or fix it themselves, you’re not covered by the warranty. By all means look, but don’t touch. If you really want to tinker with it, feel free, just remember that voids the warranty. Also if you do want to tinker, feel free to contact me about it.
  4. It hasn’t been subjected to any conditions that it wasn’t designed for, like a bath or an oven.

Artwork, enclosure and knobs – If you’re taking care of your pedal these should be fine. The enclosures are 1/10″ thick aluminium, they’re pretty tough, if you’ve broken the enclosure you’ve been doing something you shouldn’t have. The artwork is hand-painted, it’s not going to be quite as neat as it would if it had been printed, but that’s not what we do here. If you’ve bought one of our pedals, it has one off artwork. No two pedals are the same. Some pedal art plays on a theme, but we aim to make each one unique.

The artwork has been clear coated several times after painting with auto grade sprays, which should be more than adequate for normal use if you’re taking care of the pedal. The knobs will hold up to normal usage too. If something does happen to them, you can replace them yourself, or I can send some more out at a small charge.

If something isn’t right with your pedal, contact me by email woolly@championleccy.com or through the contact page, describe the problem and if possible send video or pictures.  Don’t send anything to me before you’ve contacted me. Beyond the cost of sending it back to me, you won’t have to pay for anything else (no bench fee, no charge for components or return postage).

As long as you’ve taken care of your pedal, I’m happy to maintain it.