The (wee) Fettle Boost (4) – The finished prototype

I finally got round to writing Jan 2018 because I fell so far behind with the website, but I did all this in March 2017, so I’ve backdated this post.

I did a prototype run of 8 wee fettle boosts. This was around the time when I was doing my first run of pedals.

Anyway, here’s that first batch of Wee Fettle Boosts


Most of them are gone now. I still have these two prototypes knocking about if anyone is interested. I managed to drop one on the other one, so they both have a tiny bit of chipped paint, which is why I never put them on sale with the original batch. Here’s pictures of the damage.

After this run I figured it might be better to expand the functionality of the pedal and put it in the larger 125B enclosure. I did that very thing in Summer 2017, which you can read about in part 5! The Fettle Boost is on sale now, and the new lot of enclosures (late autumn 2017 onwards) are available for preorder.

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