The Fat Gett (4) – Getting it done. Gett it?

Realising I had something that sounded good that I wanted to proceed with, I was pretty chuffed. I don’t think there’s any problem with cloning pedals like the Big Muff, small builders are never going to impact the sales of companies like EHX. I mean you find them on every pedalboard. I’ve got a couple myself.

But the other part of the circuit is based on a circuit by Midfi Electronics. Doug has been exceptionally cool and generous in the pedal forums. He makes really good stuff, and loads of small time DIYers like his designs and make their own. I decided it would be best to contact him and tell him about what I was doing. I sent a little video clip, and he was really sound about it, and really supportive, which is why I’m going to do a limited run of this pedal. It sounds different to the Random Number Generator, but the original design isn’t mine. So HUGE thanks to Doug. One day I’ll be able to do everything from scratch, but I’m still learning. Basically if you’re going to be using someone’s ideas at least give them credit. If you might make money from it, I think it’s only right to seek out their blessing, it’s their livelihood.

That being sorted, the next step was then working on getting PCBs done, cos there’s no way in hell I’m going to perfboard a pedal with a parts count of around 90. Nah. So I embarked on the torture challenge of learning how to use KiCAD. At this point I’m not sure whether I’ll be doing all future PCBs myself, or whether I’ll throw money at it and get someone competent to do it. I’m certainly not going to be spending money on eagle or anything like that until I know the craic. Anyway, I had the time, and nothing ventured, nothing sprained. By the way, I pretty much learned everything I needed from this neat little video on the youtube.

So after battling through the rats nests of KiCAD, yeah, like why did I try to learn how to use a new bit of software with a circuit that has 12 trannies, four pots, a switch, and a million components? Because of glory that’s why. And where is that glory? It’s in the post.

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