What is this website? Why?

It’s part DIY pedal blog, part handmade effects shop.

The pedal making community is great, everyone is very supportive and there’s so much info out there it’s easy to get started. I have wanted to do something to add to the community for a while, but couldn’t come up with anything. We all miss Beavis Audio. Dano was an absolute credit to the community, hopefully one day he will bring back Beavis Audio. My favourite aspects of the site were the experimental nature and how many great ideas he brought to our attention.

I’m certainly not an Electrical Engineer, though I do spend a bit of time reading up on all the maths and tech stuff, because undoubtedly it is important and I’m sure we’ll need to apply it at some point.

So the plan is to document each project at every stage, including mistakes and hopefully how to work through them. I’ll be doing limited runs of each successful project. If you’re interested in any of them contact me.

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